Common Questions

Questions? We've got answers


  • Where is my data stored? Is the data secure?

Our software platform is hosted at O.V.H (https://www.ovh.co.uk) on a dedicated and secure server. OVH is the number 3 internet hosting company in the world with more than 17 datacenters in 16 countries. Your data is well protected and backed up daily. They are secure and can only be accessed through the unique URL attached to your product.


  • If I lose my product, can I block it or delete its data?

Should you want to erase all the content on your product, no problem. Send us an email at contact@ScanMe.us (using the same email address that you’ve used to activate your product) and we will reset your product for you. All its data will definitely be erased from our servers.


  • How do I activate my product?

 Just scan/touch your product for the first time and you will arrive on your “setup page” where you will be able to customize what your QR Code/NFC Chip should display. To help you do that, we have a variety of modules for various uses. Not to worry, your choice is never final. Once you have completed the activation process, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to go back to the setup page and change, as often as you want, what your product should display when scanned. That’s it! When your product will be scanned again, what you’ve decided to show and share will simply appear.


  • I have not received my activation email

Check your spam folder, sometimes our emails end up there. We’re working hard on changing this. But if you really don’t see it, email us at contact@ScanMe.us and just give us your product number. Your product number is the last 8 digits of the address displayed when you scan it. 


  • What is a QR code?

A QR Code is a bar code, like the one you see on all the products you buy, but slightly different. First, it is a 2 dimensional code as it has a square shape. Also, it can be very easily and quickly (QR stands for Quick Response) decoded by any smartphone. Finally, a QR Code can “contain” lots of useful information, specifically in our case, a web address. 


  • How do I scan my QR code?

There are many applications which read QR Codes (all free). We’ve tested several and we recommend QR Reader.(Links can be found below) Just start your QR code reader and bring your phone’s camera close to the QR Code, as if you want to take a picture of it. Within seconds, the QR Code will be “decoded” and your phone will launch your navigator and take you to the coded web address. The scan is very fast and easy.


  • How do I get my QR code scanner?

It is as simple as 1. Click the link below, 2. Add the app to your device, 3. Scan Your QR Code Today. 

Android QR Code Scanner        Apple QR Code Scanner